The Importance Of Powering Down: Turn Off Your Cell Phone

Four out of five Canadians believe work stress is harming their health, but few are willing to completely let go of work, even on vacation.

A recent Ipsos-Reid survey presented by  showed that more than 80 per cent of working Canadians believe workplace stress is negatively impacting their health, and more than one-in-three Canadians surveyed say they struggle to balance their work and personal lives.

Lise Janelle, a business and life coach in Toronto who spent more than 23 years as a chiropractor, says “powering down” — being able to drop your work and force yourself to relax like you’re supposed to — is becoming increasingly hard in a world of instant and constant communication. In her experience, not taking the time to relax can make you far less productive despite spending more time working.

“What I find with my clients is if they don’t power down, their productivity is decreased. They feel stressed out, they feel tired, they feel they never have enough time in the day,” Janelle said.


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