3 Success Strategies for Creating Your Best Year Ever!

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to look back at the pervious year and celebrate your accomplishments. By celebrating you will increases your confidence and gain more clarity on what you would love to have in your life. It allows you to step back and recognize where you’ve been successful by TAKING ACTION. The better you feel about yourself the more you can attract the things you want in your life.

These are 3 Success Strategies to create your best year ever: 

1. Take a few minutes to think back on the year 2013. Write a list of the accomplishments that made you most proud.

2. What’s Your 2014 Theme? Your theme will guide you throughout the year in making decisions and taking action that align with your intentions.

3. Write down your intentions for 2014. List at least 3 very imporant desires you would like to start or accomplish.

I would love to hear about your accomplishments so leave them in the comment box below. I also encourage you to share your themes and let us know what some of your goals are. Me and The Heart Living Team are here to support you on your journey.

If you are struggling with your intentions or setting a theme, my up coming Extreme Freedom Seminar can help you. DISCOVER MORE HERE. Like I mentioned to you before my mission is to help you create the life you desire and deserve.

Love + Light,

Dr Lise

PS. if you didn’t catch the video I sent out at the beginning of the month, you can watch it below.

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Dr Lise Janelle – Founder of Centre For Heart Living & Transformational Coach Helping you achieve extraordinary success so you can lead an extraordinary life. I have made it my life’s mission to help as many people as I can experience the joy, love and fulfillment that comes with living connected with their hearts. I have traveled the world and been on quest to study with the best teachers and mentors since 1989 and combined the knowledge with the experience of working one on one with thousands of people. As a heart-centered success coach, I have seen what amazing and quick transformation take place when you reconnect with your heart: How do you know if you are connected to your heart? You feel grateful! You feel successful!

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