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Brave Beautiful Bride Video Program

 The Key to a successful relationship is to stay centered and open-hearted.

Are you a bride-to-be committed to having a fun and fabulous wedding day?

And after you say your I Do’s, are you committed to having a life together filled with happiness, fulfillment and true love?

Planning to share your life with someone takes courage and a commitment to live from your heart. Like planning the wedding itself, there’s no guarantee that everything will go smoothly. But by understanding and applying a few key principles that will keep you open-hearted and feeling balanced and centered, you can create the wedding – and the long-lasting, loving relationship – that you desire.

My wish is for you to have the wedding day and life together of your dreams, and for you to sparkle and glow from the inside out, not just on your special day but for many years to come. That’s why I created the Brave Beautiful Bride video training.

In this program, I’m giving you my very best tips and strategies on love (and life), which I developed over more than 20 years coaching thousands of clients in the areas of relationships and success.

Think of me as a trusted wise advisor sharing from my life experiences and from my heart to yours, so that you and your partner can:

  • Stay centered and open-hearted – the keys to successful wedding planning, minimizing wedding day jitters, and building a beautiful life together
  • Create a solid foundation for long-lasting, true love
  • Know what to expect – and what not to expect – from marriage and each other so you can avoid unnecessarily conflict and resolve situations through open communication
  • Enjoy your journey together, even the challenges that come your way
  • Always keep the big picture in mind so you continue to deepen in love over time

What you’ll learn:

In a series of quick yet very powerful videos, you will learn:

  • What love truly is and isn’t (you haven’t heard it explained this way before!) and how to tell the difference between love and infatuation so you can be sure your relationship will last
  • The stages of relationships – and how to move into the one stage that ensures long-lasting love
  • How to face challenges together with courage and wisdom, and the ONE thing you need to do to help you navigate through tough times
  • Why staying focused on the big picture will strengthen your relationship – and how to do it
  • The 3 questions to ask yourself that will move you through challenging emotions and back into your heart
  • 3 ways to keep your heart open that will build a stronger marriage
  • The difference between love and need, and how understanding this will impact your marriage
  • The keys to self love, the basis for all loving relationships, true happiness and fulfillment

What you’ll learn:

In a series of quick yet very powerful videos, you will learn:

  • Instant online access to 8 teaching videos (under 5 minutes each) which you can watch and re-watch at home or on the go from your mobile device – so you can easily fit them into your busy wedding planning schedule
  • 4 downloadable audios with exercises and visualizations to help you deepen your connection to your heart and your partner, reduce stress and conflict, and get you clear about your heart’s desires.

You’ll come away with some of the most important advice you will ever hear about succeeding in life and love, and being beautiful inside and out on your wedding day and beyond.

I want you to succeed! Please join me for Brave Beautiful Bride, take action on these insights and live from your heart. Your life together will be off to the best possible start!

YES! I want to grow my love more deeply!

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