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Conversation with the Heart

Conversation with the Heart by Dr Lise Janelle

Are you longing to experience true joy, love and success in your life but feel like it’s out of your reach? Do you find yourself repeating the same mistakes? Are you uninspired to move towards your dreams? Or unclear about what it is that you even want?

The only way to reclaim your life is by reconnecting to your own heart. Although this seems simple, most people don’t live that way.

We look to the outside to meet our needs and make us happy – the perfect relationship, the ideal job, beautiful material things. Along the way, we encounter people and events we perceive as negative, experiences that keep us stuck in pain and suffering and continue to impact our lives long after we think we have moved on.

In Conversation with the Heart, transformational coach Dr. Lise Janelle explains how you can finally break free from this cycle to find what you were searching for all along.

Drawing from real examples in her own life and from the thousands of clients she has helped achieve extraordinary results over more than 20 years, Dr. Lise gives you practical tools and advice so you can:

  • Understand for the first time how painful experiences from your past have served you – and then release them once and for all
  • Clear the clutter of your perceptions, thoughts and emotions so you can deeply listen to what your heart has been longing to tell you
  • Experience deep gratitude for your life – the kind of gratitude that exponentially increases your health, abundance and ability to create the life you have imagined
  • Expand in self love and self worth, the key to achieving your heart’s desires
  • Get clearer and more inspired than you’ve ever been about your dreams and aspirations, and then create a sustainable action plan to take you there

“From the time you came into being, you have attracted into your life the people and experiences that are meant to empower you – to help you become aware of your heart, to open it and tap into your highest potential. If we cannot see the divine purpose of these events and encounters, we can end up feeling beaten, battered, depressed or dissatisfied. My wish is to help you reconnect to your heart through understanding, gratitude and love. Knowing and embracing your essence, you will then be able to unfold your highest good: your true life’s purpose.”

Dr. Lise Janelle in Conversation with the Heart

Conversation with the Heart not only reveals powerful principles and tools which can quickly reconnect you with your heart, but also provides you with proven ways to feel and share more inspiring moments of fulfillment and love.

DR. JOHN F. DEMARTINI, Bestselling author of Count Your Blessings - The Healing Power of Gratitude and Love

Lise Janelle’s book offers deep and heartfelt insights into the heart as a source of wisdom, based on her own direct experience. Having researched the intelligence of the heart for many years at the Institute of HeartMath, I resonate with her understanding of the heart and appreciate the gift being offered to people in this work. Its so important in these times that we all learn how to access the power and intelligence that’s available to each of us within our own hearts. Thank you, Lise, for making a deeper understanding of the heart available to more people.

DEBORAH ROZMAN, Ph.D. co-author with Doc Childre, HeartMath founder, of the Transforming book series; including Transforming Stress: The Heart Math Solution to Relieving Worry, Fatigue and Tension.

No Matter who we are, we all face challenges in our lives and how we respond to them can either move us forward or hold us back. Lise Janelle’s wisdom in Conversation with the Heart will empower you to make life choices that allow you to positively use the challenges you face in a way that continues to move you toward a life of fulfillment and abundance.

IVAN MISNER, NY Times Bestselling author and Founder of BNI

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