What does Valentine Day Have to Do with Love?

Are you one of those people who thinks that Valentine Day is a silly idea OR one of those people who looks forward to it every year? Valentine’s day could be the perfect time to explore deeper intimacy whether you are from one camp or the other. Why? What you are truly looking for in [...]

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How Committed Are You To Living A Great Life?

The other day Diane and I were reflecting on our ideal clients, the ones we felt got the most value out of our services, who got the best results. Without any doubt we saw that the common trait between all of them was their commitment to growth: Committed people have the best results. People who are [...]

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Relationship Tips for Singles: Mend Your ‘broken’ Heart by Understanding the Difference Between Love & Infatuation

A young woman comes to see me because she just got dumped and she can’t stand the pain anymore. She wants me to help her feel better. The way I help my client mend their 'broken' heart is by helping them better understand the difference between LOVE and INFATUATION. I don't believe we break the [...]

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Relationship Tips: What “The Bachelor” TV Show Teaches Us About Love and Ourselves

The other night I happened to turn on my TV and stumbled on ‘The Bachelor”. I had never seen the show before but had heard of it. I decided to watch and see what it was all about. WOW! What an eye opening experience it was! Now I know why so many people come to [...]

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3 Tips To Reduce Stress Over The Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is fast approaching. Every year many clients come to see me seeking help on how to deal with the stress of it all, while others are so excited they can’t wait for the festivities. There are many reasons for the difference in the experience but for most of it, it is the [...]

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Relationship Tips for Parents: Loving Is Both Supporting and Challenging Your Children

Growing up I found my father to be too much of a disciplinarian. He was a tough dad! He would not let me do what I wanted very often and it left me feeling unloved. I remember clearly saying to myself that “When I am going to be a parent I will not be like [...]

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Relationship Tips for Couples: What Makes A Happy, Healthy Successful Relationships

10 Relationship Tips for Highly Successful Couples Over lunch with a friend one day, Kevin was asked about the "secret of your obviously happy and healthy love relationship." Kevin responded, "I married a wonderful woman and made the commitment to apply myself to the relationship with the same energy that I place into other important [...]

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Relationship Tips For Brides: Pre-Wedding Advice So You Can Achieve A Consciously Loving Relationship

For many women the idea of getting married is the culmination of a life long dream: it is the fairytale ending of a childhood dream to have found the charming prince, get dressed in a princess gown and live happily ever after. Some men are also very romantic and dream of the day they will [...]

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Relationship Tips For Brides: Dr Lise’s Radio Interview on “Hourglass Brides”

Relationship Tips for Brides on Blog Talk Radio This Sunday May 12 at 2pm PST - 5pm EST I have a radio interview on “Hourglass Brides” hosted by the beautiful and talented Nicole Brandon. Nicole host’s "Hourglass Brides" on BlogTalk Radio and is one of the most sought after speakers in the world today. From Health, and Wellness [...]

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Relationship Tip For Self-Love: Make Your Happiness Your Own Responsibility

“My happiness is my own responsibility” This is what one of the participants said she learned at the end of “True-Love,” a one-day workshop (see my current workshop, Soul Worthy Love) I offer on building conscious fulfilling relationships.  When she shared what she learned with me, I felt quite satisfied with myself knowing that… she [...]

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