What does Valentine Day Have to Do with Love?

Are you one of those people who thinks that Valentine Day is a silly idea OR one of those people who looks forward to it every year? Valentine’s day could be the perfect time to explore deeper intimacy whether you are from one camp or the other. Why? What you are truly looking for in [...]

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How Committed Are You To Living A Great Life?

The other day Diane and I were reflecting on our ideal clients, the ones we felt got the most value out of our services, who got the best results. Without any doubt we saw that the common trait between all of them was their commitment to growth: Committed people have the best results. People who are [...]

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Reflections and Transformations from 3 Days of Silence and Wisdom Retreat

We had an amazing 3 Days of Silence and Wisdom Retreat last month. There were 13 inspiring participants that enjoyed a weekend of  silence and beauty. The setting was perfect. Dr Lise's inspiring cottage retreat on Georgian Bay - it was cozy and magical as we reflected by the fire. Dr Lise would like to [...]

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Shared with the world! Transformational entertainment is coming

My friend and movie producer Barnet Bain (whose credits include Oscar winner What Dreams May Come, Emmy nominee Homeless to Harvard, The Celestine Prophecy) is up to something I think you’ll really like. He is one of the most purpose driven person I know. His new film Milton's Secret with Eckhart Tolle and Peter Fonda [...]

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Having The Courage To Follow Your Heart

I am recommending the book “Passion Capital” by Paul Alofs. The book is inspiring and so is the author who during the span of his career was the head of Disney Stores, HMV and now is CEO of Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation. We usually feel that something is inspiring when it matches some of our values and [...]

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Relationship Tips On Love: 5 Tips To Create More Love In Your Life

I like the title of this blog because it can be taken different ways. When we try to get all the love that we feel is missing in our life out of our romantic relationship, it creates stress and challenges. A life filled with love comes from actively participating in giving ourselves what our heart [...]

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Achieving Goals: Want To Thrive In 2013?

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to look back at the previous year and celebrate your accomplishments And YES, celebrating your accomplishments absolutely increases your self-worth. It allows you to step back and recognize where you've been successful by TAKING ACTION. The better you feel about yourself the more you can attract [...]

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A Trip That Will Deepen The Connection To My Heart

On August 19th I will be in Quito Ecuador getting ready for a ‘pilgrimage into the heart of everywhere’ as Lynn Twist the leader of the expedition calls it. I feel some trepidation as I am going to be the furthest away from ‘civilization’ I can be, in the middle of 2 million acres of rainforest. [...]

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Feeling Connected To Myself And The World

Last week, while skiing at Lake Louise, I had the time to reflect on what makes me feel most alive. I realized that being in nature is a spiritual experience for me. It helps me to feel connected with myself and the world.  I find that it is very easy for me to be so [...]

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