Conversations That Make A Difference

I have the pleasure of being interviewed on “Leading Conversations” with Cheryl Esposito on May 10th - 10am PST. Cheryl host’s her “Leading Conversations” Radio Talk Show on VoiceAmerica Business Channel and has conversations among the top leaders from around the world in business, government, art, economics, and social change. Some of her guests have [...]

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Workplace Advice: Work is the Primary Cause of Stress in People’s Live

Work is the Primary Cause of Stress in People's Lives So what’s keeping your mind running in circles? According to a recent survey of more than 2,000 people, work topped the list as the most stressful factor in people's lives. 34 percent of respondents reported that their work life was either “very” or “quite” stressful [...]

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Business Management Tips: Are your people playing at the top of their game?

Performance is always externally measured. It can never be objectively self-assessed. At, we are creating high performance managers and teams. That is because I’ve tapped into the most important factors for unlocking potential and revealing results. Your Management Toolbox™: Top performance managers have access to and are leveraging the best management tools and skills [...]

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Leaders and Managers: It’s not you, it’s your processes

By all accounts, and based on the wisdom of these great management gurus, the battle between Leadership and Management has been fought and lost. In truth, the importance lies not so much in the difference between leadership and management, but rather in the difference between leadership processes and management processes. Take a look at what [...]

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Having The Courage To Follow Your Heart

I am recommending the book “Passion Capital” by Paul Alofs. The book is inspiring and so is the author who during the span of his career was the head of Disney Stores, HMV and now is CEO of Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation. We usually feel that something is inspiring when it matches some of our values and [...]

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Why We Self-Sabotage Our Success. Are You Doing It?

Could you imagine ever becoming a  successful athlete, entrepreneur, artist or anything for that matter, if deep down, you didn’t feel competent or worthy? Could you imagine if someone told you that if you did ever become successful, you would experience great pain and punishing consequences as a result? Imagine how that would affect your [...]

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Sunlight or Spotlight: How Focused Is Your Team?

I've been working with a team this week that is in the throws of planning their year. One of the team members observed that her group seems to be getting the lion’s share of the load, and the watchful eye of the tiger. That is to say, she felt her team seemed to be unfairly [...]

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Achieving Goals: Are You Ready To For A Life Change?

Be a part of this intriguing, energizing and heart-healing seminar. Create goals for a successful, joyous and prosperous 2013. You will leave armed with Dr Lise’s tools and strategies to identify what freedom truly means to you and turn your dreams and desires into reality. Are you ready for a life change like a new job, relationship [...]

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Achieving Goals: Want To Thrive In 2013?

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to look back at the previous year and celebrate your accomplishments And YES, celebrating your accomplishments absolutely increases your self-worth. It allows you to step back and recognize where you've been successful by TAKING ACTION. The better you feel about yourself the more you can attract [...]

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