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Take one weekend and set your life free!

Does any of this feel familiar to you?

“I’m so ready for a change in my life – a new job, new relationship, new energy – but I have no idea how to get myself unstuck and moving forward.”

“Nothing ever seems to work out the way I hope.”

“I had a rough time in my past. I got through it but it’s been really hard. Things are OK now, sort of.”

“I have what I thought I wanted in my life, but something’s still missing. I’m not happy.”

“I’m not even sure what I want for my life, let alone how to achieve it. I’m not really excited about anything.”

If you relate to any of these keep reading, because I once felt exactly the same way – until I discovered something truly life changing.

To be successful in life is actually very simple: You need to listen to your heart and act on your heart’s desires.

Your heart wants you to know two things:
1st You are worthy of love and of having whatever your heart desires.
2nd Your heart wants you to admit your dreams and aspirations.

What if you could change your perspective on life by having access to a powerful transformational method? What if by doing this, you were able to change what you imagine about your future and therefore transform your destiny? How much more inner peace would you experience if you were super clear about what you want to create in your present and and had a path to get there?

About my journey – and the tools that changed everything

I grew up in challenging family dynamics, feeling constantly stressed out and afraid. I felt invisible and unworthy. We were poor and I felt embarrassed of my situation. To run away from these feelings I went after and achieved what society told me would make me feel successful and happy, but I still was not.

And then in 1988 my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given nine months to live, three weeks later my 21 year old brother died in a car accident and my eight year relationship with the man I thought I was going to marry ended. All of this within a month of each other: I was devastated. To survive the pain I went on a quest to find answers as to how to live life to the fullest even when facing the painful moments that are sure to happen to us all.

What I discovered that changed my whole life to one of meaning and fulfillment, was that living from my heart was the key to happiness and a sense of true success. People often comment on how passionate I am about life, how I live ‘large’ and how ‘lucky I am’. I do feel blessed and at the same time I know that it was not luck that has created my life. My alignment with fundamental wise insights and principles, a clear understanding of what juices me and using my time according to my highest values is what has been working in my favour each day, week, month, year that goes by: All of this was started by having had this huge challenge and finding immense gratitude for it. And the same can be true for you.

Along the way, I learned and created cutting-edge transformational tools that opened my heart — and the door to amazing new possibilities. I have been using these processes for more than 25 years to ensure I am living my fullest potential and it is also the foundation for the transformational work I have done with thousands of clients. And I would love to share some of these processes and insights with you during the Extreme Freedom Retreat.

 Why Should You Join Us?

The Extreme Freedom Retreat, is a two-day live event I’ve been teaching around the world for more than 20 years. I will personally walk you and a small group of others through a step-by-step process to:

  • Learn a powerful life philosophy that will transform your life
  • Open your heart
  • Experience the power of deep gratitude
  • Gain clarity about your purpose
  • Create an inspired plan to live the life of your dreams
 Imagine if you could:
  • Experience deep, gratitude for your life, including the experiences from your past that you perceived as “bad”
  • Feel more love for yourself and others
  • Use that gratitude as a springboard to attract and create more of what you want in your life
  • Align your time and energies to what’s most important to you
  • Set, plan and achieve your desired goals
  • Return to your natural state of being – experience love, joy and gratitude regularly, even when challenges come up

What you’ll learn:

In this retreat, I combine my top strategies and tools for deep transformation, which I have put together for over two decades working with my clients, into an energizing program for lasting change.

 Letting Go – Day One (Saturday)

  • Discover the three primary ways of being in the world, and which one has been guiding you in your life so far (one of them is the key to living an extraordinary life, while the other two, where most people get stuck, can prevent you from achieving your dreams and goals)
  • Break free from stories that are holding you back – even the ones you thought you could never let go of: Learn how to turn even the hardest experiences in your life into supercharged fuel for success

On Day One, you’ll will get insights into what is needed for you to be a conscious creator of an amazing life, learn a quick and powerful process for gaining a new transformative perspective on your life, let go of old “stories” and beliefs and opening your heart. You will experience deep gratitude for your life, no matter your circumstances. This is where the deepest shifts and “Aha” moments happen!

Gaining Clarity – Day Two (Sunday)

  • After opening your heart on day One you are now ready to create your future from your heart and not your emotions.
  • You will get razor-sharp clarity about your ultimate life’s purpose so you can feel fulfilled in everything you do

Design a plan to live your purpose and passion, and achieve all your dreams and discover how you can not only get unstuck, but stay unstuck as you live your extraordinary life. You’ll walk away in Extreme Freedom – feeling free to be fully yourself… ready, willing and able to listen to what your heart really desires for you, and to get going to make that happen.

The Extreme Freedom Retreat is for you if you want guidance from a trusted expert to help you discover what will make YOU truly feel happy and successful.

This event is not for you if you would rather stay in your comfort zone instead of living your life to the fullest and that you are willing to accept that the way things are now is “as good as it’s going to be.”

Next Seminar: Sat. Feb 3rd and Sun. Feb. 4th, 2018

“Dr Lise, I’m ready to enroll! What’s my investment in
The Extreme Freedom Retreat?”



Enroll Now


Enroll Now


Enroll Now

If you’re still on the fence, consider this — What will it cost if you DON’T make this investment in yourself? Most likely, you will:

Let your past history instead of your heart dictate your life (even if you don’t realize it!)

Take a very long time trying to ‘reinvent the wheel’

Be stopped by lack of clarity about what it is that will make YOU truly happy.
Invest your time and energy on relationships and work situations that make you frustrated, decrease your energy and limit your potential.

Enroll today!

Seats are limited so ensure you receive personal attention and maximum results. If you miss this opportunity, you’ll have to wait another six months to experience the life-changing power of Extreme Freedom.

Times and Location:

  • Saturday, April 28th – 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (or later depending on the group dynamics)
  • Sunday, April 29th – 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
    Centre for Heart Living – 58 Winchester Street – Toronto, Ontario Canada