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Heart Freedom Video Training

Only your fears, limiting beliefs and old stories are holding you back from the amazing life you wish to create.

Can you relate to one (or more) of these?

  • “I have been working on this one goal for a really long time but it’s such a struggle. I can’t figure out why I am having such a hard time – it should be easier.”
  • “I see the possibility for where I want to go in my life, and in my head I know exactly what I need to do, but I am still not doing it. I just stay stuck in the same place. Why can’t I get into action?”
  • “I made a great plan to achieve my dream, and I’ve been following the steps, but somehow the results are the opposite of what I wanted. What happened?”

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. We all have dreams and goals for our lives – for our health, relationships, career, finances, social life and more. What is it that makes some people successful at achieving their desires easily, while others face one struggle after another, or perhaps can’t even make a start in moving in the right direction?

If you’re simply not getting the results you want in any area of your life, it’s very likely that you have a subconscious “block,” based on an experience from the past, that is getting in the way of achieving success today. In fact, our subconscious mind runs the show far more than we realize.

Helping people find and dissolve the subconscious blocks that are getting in the way of their most heart-centered dreams and aspirations has become my life’s work. That’s why I am so excited to share with you my program,

Dr. Lise’s Heart Freedom Method™ Video Training and Private Coaching

The Heart Freedom Method™ is a unique and powerful technique I developed (together with a colleague of mine who is one of the top coaches in the world) and have taught my private and group coaching clients for years. This Method works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels to get at the core of what is holding you back. And now I am going to teach you this same Method through my accelerated video training program to help you get the same exceptional results you want in every area of your life, quickly and effectively.

In this 2-part video training and hands on private coaching with a Heart Freedom Coach, I will teach you exactly how to:

  • Find and dissolve subconscious patterns yourself – as you master this Method you will be able to resolve issues in as little as 15 minutes that otherwise might have taken you years of work!
  • Get into inspired action so that you can finally fulfill your dreams and aspirations

You will learn to apply this life-changing technique to any area of your life where you want to accelerate your results:


  • Raise your energy levels
  • Shed weight (uncover the root cause of your triggers with food, or where you might have been using those extra pounds unconsciously to protect yourself)
  • Eliminate stress and anxiety


  • Step into your power
  • Get that promotion
  • Finally be recognized for your contributions
  • Create a successful, heart-centered business


  • End over-spending (or over-saving)
  • Ask for and receive what you’re worth
  • Invest in yourself and your dreams, and enjoy the payoff


  • Find, keep and enjoy a healthy, loving romantic relationship
  • Improve and heal your relationships with family members
  • Engage in a more satisfying, more meaningful social life

and much more!

What You’ll Learn

At the heart of this video program, Dr. Lise will teach you her step-by-step Heart Freedom Method™ you can use to help yourself or a loved one overcome any challenge they are facing. You will also learn:

  • The 3 clues that let you know you have a subconscious block in the way of fulfilling your life potential
  • The 3 main modes of living, the one you need to live in most often for a successful life, and how you can
  • The 2 things your heart really wants you to know
  • What happens when emotions get stored in our bodies and how to break the cycle
  • How to balance your perception of a “negative” event from your past that is connected to your challenges today, so that you can move past it once and for all
  • How to increase your self worth – and why that’s the key to just about everything

What You’ll Receive

  • Instant online access to two videos (30-45 minutes each) of “Live Video” demonstrations of Dr. Lise working through the Heart Freedom Method™ one-on-one with a client on a specific issue, as well as in a group setting – these demonstrations will help you deepen your understanding of how to use the Method as you watch people get results in “real time”
  • Powerful private coaching and training by phone or skype with a Heart Freedom Coach covering every aspect of understanding and using the Heart Freedom Method™ most effectively, including how it can be applied specifically to relationships, weight management, career, finances, social life and more
  • “Live Video” demonstrations of Dr. Lise working through the Heart Freedom Method™ one-on-one with a client on a specific issue, as well as in a group setting – these demonstrations will help you deepen your understanding of how to use the Method as you watch people get results in “real time”
  • Heart Freedom Method™ printable handout – step-by-step instructions for your reference, together with an explanation of how to do the Method, alone or with a partner

Yes, Dr. Lise, I’m ready to liberate the world within me!

Please give me access to your Heart Freedom Method™ Video Training now.  $497.00 +tax

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Don’t stay stuck in the pain of the past a moment longer. Get ready to experience the true power of your heart as you free yourself from what’s holding you back from the life of your dreams!