How Committed Are You To Living A Great Life?

The other day Diane and I were reflecting on our ideal clients, the ones we felt got the most value out of our services, who got the best results. Without any doubt we saw that the common trait between all of them was their commitment to growth: Committed people have the best results.

People who are committed also get the most value out of anything they do.

If you are committed to your work, the results you get will matter to you a lot more than if you just go to work to get a pay cheque: You will want to succeed a lot more, will enjoy it a lot more, and you will get more experience and confidence as a result. Take for example flying, since I fly a lot and you may too, I experience different levels of service and happiness with the employees of different airlines. My experience has been that when I fly with an airline who has a strong union mentality Vs. one where the employees have shares in the company, it does not take long to see which employees are happier and which ones give kinder and better service. Some of my most unfulfilled clients with their career are the ones who work for the government or municipalities – as they know they are not giving their best because they don’t feel it makes any difference. The main reason they stay is because of financial security, not because they are inspired by what they do: They are not committed to giving their best and as a result they don’t learn as much and don’t feel as passionate about their career. We really only receive as much as we give.

The same is true for relationships; the more committed one is to their relationship, the more results and fulfillment one gets. Parents, by the commitment they give to their family receive great value for their family. Most parents will tell you that the best thing they ever did was having a family. Not that having a family is easy. Having a family is challenging, but through the commitment and the experiences we learn about love, our self, life and what matters. It gives a rich flavor to life.

Romantic relationships are the same.  After we have found a partner with whom we are compatible, what brings most happiness and fulfillment, is the commitment to the relationship. The commitment to living a successful romantic relationship is necessary to be able to withstand the challenges every day life brings along. Why? Because it is so easy otherwise to forget that we are in a romantic relationship to learn to love and get bugged down by the challenges. If we forget our commitment to loving each other, we often just accumulate a series of experiences that cause pain instead of amazing lessons in love. Learning to love our self and others is the greatest source of fulfillment in life.

Where in your life do you feel emptiness or a lack right now? Check your commitment. Do you keep on complaining that you are not getting what you want but if you are honest with your self, are you really committed to doing whatever it takes to change that situation? Are you willing to ask for help, invest in finding solution, let go of old habits and get new ones more in line with who you want to be? Are you getting coaching, reading books, taking seminars to give you access to new experiences so you can have new information to transform your life? If not, I encourage you to ‘mean business’, to get in action and commit to living the most amazing life by finding clarity around what matters to you and being willing to do whatever it takes to get it.

Love + Light,

Dr Lise

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