How To Be More Energy Efficient Within Your Organization?

Efficiency is the new buzz word. Organizations everywhere are looking to streamline their processes, reduce waste, save on premises costs and even cut staff to force efficiencies in the business.

For businesses to outperform their competitors in this environment, all of these priorities are essential.

But this post isn’t about those efficiencies. No. I’m talking about an energy efficiency that is far more powerful… Far more uplifting… And far more competitive.

Here are a couple of questions for you.

Do you or the people you work with wake up every morning thrilled and enthusiastic about the commute that will take you to the office? Do you know of any organizations where conflict doesn’t persist, and teamwork is not only an aspiration but a regular occurrence too?

How much energy and buzz is flowing through your hallways and office spaces? Is it positive energy? Frantic energy? Or is it the kind of energy that makes you want to pull your hair out?

The energy efficiency of your workforce is where it all begins. Without that, process improvement and other forms of waste removal are sluggish and depressing.

When you clear the inner energy field of your workforce, you unleash enthusiasm, increase efficiency and productivity and unlock significant growth potential.

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