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Extreme Freedom Weekend – 2 Day Live Event

Did you know that as much as 95% of what you are doing right now is in reaction to your past? Many of these reactions are based on false beliefs that are working against you being able to live your best possible life. In this powerful two-day intensive, you’ll learn a cutting-edge tool to open your heart as you experience the power of deep gratitude; and create an inspired plan for your new present and future – filled with passion, gratitude and freedom.

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Career Freedom – 1 Day Live Event

If you are not feeling fulfilled in your work, business or career, you cannot be truly happy or live a passionate life. Unhappiness in your career will spill over into every other area of your life – it can even make you physically sick. In this deep dive day long workshop you will rediscover and reignite the passion in your working life so you can truly LOVE what you do. You’ll work through Janet and Chris Attwood’s Passion Test process to identify your top 5 passions and core values, learn and apply Dr. Lise’s Heart Freedom Method™ to identify what’s holding you back in your career, define your career purpose and develop a plan to get you into action.

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True Love Workshop – 1 Day Live Event

Do you dream of a relationship which deepens over time instead of drifting apart? Where you gain more trust and intimacy instead of less? One that’s free of the baggage and patterns of the past? All of us, from our first breath to our last want to love and be loved. Learn how to find and keep the relationship of your dreams by understanding the true nature of love, and get total clarity about what’s important to you in a relationship so you can create it.

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