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Soul-Worthy Love
Find and keep the relationship of your dreams!

Starting April 5 2017


Are you looking for more love and passion in your life?

Do you feel there is something missing deep inside? If so, you will be totally inspired to join us on our Soul-Worthy Love online group coaching program starting in November.

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We just finished our 4 week pilot and here’s what some participants said:
“I think I was afraid to fall in love with the wrong person and not be able to get out of the relationship because I have been in long term relationships that weren’t right. When you do that it’s like every time you’re with them a piece of your soul dies, you can’t live your best life because you’re trying to get out of it. You don’t give yourself the permission for the freedom. It’s been an interesting time. The course came at a time for me that was really, really surreal, a turning point. You have to decide you’re worthy of love. You need to make that decision. Once you decide, the love that you are worthy of will come into your life. And so it did for me. I was able to find (or be found by) love and a relationship that is meaningful and soul-worthy.”
~ AA
“Before starting the program, I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to date, and was ok with that. As the program progressed and realized the fear of not being loved the way I wanted to be loved was keeping me from moving into a conscious relationship. I’m 48, and found there was also a judgment of not being with somebody yet, oh my god, what’s wrong. As I navigated through the program and started doing my inner work, the judgment stopped. Then I’m like, “Oh my god, I think we’re actually peeling away at this”. I felt like I was getting somewhere learning Dr Lise’s relationship principles. I’ve opened up to dating, where I swore I wouldn’t go on another one, but I’m actually communicating with men that are more aligned with my values and feeling the excitement about it.”
~ Gemma Girimonte
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And this was after only 4 weeks! Imagine the transformation you will experience on our inspiring and engaging 6 month program!

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To give access to these life transforming secrets to more people, Dr Lise ​Janelle ​created an affordable, easy, online group coaching program called Soul-Worthy Love.
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I have been a heart-centered transformational expert in the industry for over 25 years. I have seen both men and women struggling over and over again in their relationships, not being able to find what I call, Soul-Worthy LOVE, which is that deep soul level connection experienced through the heart that brings such joy and gratitude. They struggle as they feel anxious and sad because they believe they will never be able to have that kind of love: I feel sorry for all these people and that is one of the reason that I am increasing my reach with an online program because it is not that hard! With some simple basic understanding of fundamental principles about LOVE you can transform your life. And it does not need to take years, you can quickly transform your reality and experience of life, relationships and find true LOVE by ‘flipping’ the switch within.

With some simple principles about Soul-Worthy LOVE, you will gain clarity, confidence and basically a road map of what it takes to find and keep the relationship of your dreams. You will have an understanding of healthy expectations about relationships and what love is for yourself and for your mate.

Here is an example: my client Pamela, would go on dates, the guys would not show up on time or would cancel last minute, which was making her feel like she was not attractive, not good enough. That was until we worked on some of her limiting beliefs about not being worthy of love. I got her clear on her worth and her values and what she really wanted from a guy so that she would not settle for a man who was not treating her right. Which led her to attract the perfect man, the man of her dreams, and they are now in a long term, consciously loving relationship.

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Jane, another client, lost her ‘soulmate’ to cancer after 34 years of marriage. She came to see me because she was spinning in her pain, flailing and feeling like she wanted to die: He had been her centre for everything they did together. She got so stressed and depressed, she even got lung cancer but thankfully recovered.

She ended up going to a matchmaker, and connected with a man who was sexy, romantic but made her feel bad when she was not giving him what he wanted. He was manipulating her but she was so afraid of being alone that she was staying even though it was obviously not good for her. I helped her to see and understand what love is, to own her worth and to let him go even though she was so afraid of being alone.

Shortly after she met a man who was kind, had similar values and with whom she had fun and could trust with her heart. She has told me that she is the happiest she has ever been, even before losing her spouse, because now she has not only found love outside of her but also inside her as well. And that is what she had been missing, she needed to connect with her own heart to have true love to make her deeply happy.

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I would love for you to experience what has helped me help thousands of people experience true love and happiness.

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you may have heard me speak of similar stories – but here’s what you probably DON’T know: back in the day, I was one of these women who was lost struggling to understand why I could never meet a man. I would go on dates with guys whom I know did not have what I was looking for but I was staying because I was so afraid of being alone. Which just made me feel more alone.

I was hoping that I could change them into what I needed… that did not work so well. My neediness was making me overlook what was there and preventing me from acknowledging that this would not work: I had to learn and re-examine what my beliefs were about love and my worthiness. And that’s the work you need to do to be successful in your romantic relationship: You need good self worth and you need to understand the basic principles of relationships and love that will allow you to have realistic expectations about them.

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Keep reading this email if:
  • You want to stop feeling lonely and/or dissatisfied with your love life.
  • Deep down you believe you will never be able to get the love you want.
  • You want to learn what love is and what love is not, so you don’t feel ‘crazy’ for having different expectations than the person you are dating.
  • You want to know some basic principles about consciously loving relationships that will allow you to feel confident in choosing the right partner.
  • You are interested in finding and dissolving the beliefs that are creating insecurities about your worthiness of finding someone that can love you.
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I have 20 spots available to be part of my 6 month online group coaching program Soul-Worthy LOVE – Find and keep the LOVE you dream of having. Normally, for my clients to have one on one access to me, they need to make an investment of $9000 and up.

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But during the 6 months we are going to spend together, you will:
  • Have access to me via bi-weekly live lessons in the comfort of your home
  • Have bi-weekly group coaching calls with me
  • Access to my live True Love 1 day group retreat in person or online, your choice (Value $295)
  • Monthly one-on-one half hour coaching call with a Heart Centered Coach ($750)
  • Be part of an inspiring community (priceless :))
  • Handouts and homework necessary to give you the experience and transformation so that you can attract to you a different kind of relationship you have ever had before.
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And you will get all of this amazing support for your transformation for only $1997. If you sign up today, you will get a full monthly hour of one-on-one time with one of my coaches instead of the half hour, an extra value of $750 just to get you committed right now.

It has been said that the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. So come and join us so we can help you get unstuck, help you stop repeating the same unfulfilling patterns you have experienced your whole life.

Give yourself the chance to get what you really want
out of your love life.
Enroll Now
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