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The help of Dr Lise tools and methods has brought clarity to my life. I have more focus, motivation, inspiration and peace in all aspects of my work and personal relationships. It is so fast and effective simply because our bodies know the answer to the question your mind hasn’t processed yet. It continues to amaze me how much better I feel after each week.

Wendy Gibson, Co-Executive Director, CANNP
Dr. Lise’s program has unlocked my self-love and self-acceptance… We may all wish for that fairy tale story, but the true story is finding fulfillment within ourselves. I’m eternally grateful for your support and guidance and all the powerful life strategies.
Ryan K, Project Analyst
I have taken a dramatic shift: I started off depressed, confused and stuck between being my parent’s child and being a grown woman. I was able to get my career on track, unclutter my head and get my own goals organized and initiated. What I didn’t know was that every aspect of my life would evolve and I was going to emerge as the butterfly! I not only bought my own Chiropractic Clinic, but I came out of my depression, I lost weight and got more healthy (which is important for a health care practitioner to do), I grew brave in the face of all my fears and I fell in love. I have truly been able to let go of all the past that has been holding me back. I now know that I have so much to offer my patients, my partner, my family, my friends and the world beyond. I have the skills to conquer every mountain that lies before me. And I know that there is no peak that is too steep for me. Thank you so much for showing me that I already had everything I needed to be a success in my life. It is very empowering to know that the path I have chosen to take was the perfect path for me.
Dr. J. Clarfield-Henry