Overall the ‘secret ingredient’ to live a truly successful life is to use our time living our passions and this is especially true when it comes to career. We, the Heart Living Team, strives to embody this and here is a little bit about us:

Dr Lise Janelle – Founder & Transformational Coach

Helping you achieve extraordinary success so you can lead an extraordinary life.

My background working one on one with thousands of patients as a holistic chiropractor has offered me unique insights into what makes truly healthy, successful individuals. Leading edge coaching and mind body techniques like N.E.T. and the Demartini method have been part of my unique transformational tools since 1989. They allow me to help you live the best version of yourself, whether it be in your personal or professional life.

My heart centered coaching programs empower you to experience true success; they are based on clarifying what creates a highly personal sense of being fully alive and fulfilled. You will know, from your heart, what matters most to you. You will have absolute clarity about your purpose and your passion, in order to practice authentic living.

I have worked with thousands of people to create transformative change from the inside out. You have my full commitment to guide you to experience true success, happiness and unconditional love.

I also bring to my coaching my passion for living life to the fullest. I first came to Toronto to study in 1979, even though I did not know how to speak English. I worked in Geneva, Switzerland as a chiropractor for 1 year after graduation, started my own practice upon return and was noted to be among the top 10% of chiropractors in Canada. I was a championship rower for over 17 years and part of the first female ice canoeing team in the world; I have hiked up Kilimanjaro and traveled extensively.

I love bringing my energy and experience to my coaching practice. I am honoured to be a member of the exclusive Transformational Leadership Council which gathers some of the most important leaders in the transformational industry.

I have coached professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, artists and many others committed to achieving their full potential.