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Heart Freedom Video Program

5 Life Strategies To Living Happier Today!

Identify what your ideal life looks like and move towards it with inspiration and confidence.

Does this sound like you?

  • “I have a lot of the things in my life that I thought I wanted. But I still don’t feel happy and I don’t know why.”
  • “I’m feeling lost and stuck. I don’t know which direction to go or where to start.”
  • “I’m overwhelmed with stress and anxiety most of the time. I really want to be free of it.”
  • “I’ve had a lot of challenges in my life. I feel like they’ve been holding me back, and now I’m ready to let them go once and for all so I can move forward and be happy.”

If you feel this way, you’re not alone. Over the past 20+ years of coaching I have heard this from so many of my clients when they started working with me. If you’ve begun working regularly with my Heart Freedom Meditation and watching my introductory videos, I know you are beginning to sense that there is another way, and are already experiencing the results of having a regular heart-opening gratitude practice.

Now I would love an opportunity to help you deepen your Heart Freedom experience, with my Heart Freedom Video Course – 5 Life Strategies to Living Happier today!

In this video program, I will personally guide you through the top 5 strategies I have discovered and shared with my private and group coaching clients to unlock freedom, happiness and success in all areas of their lives.

This program is designed so you will see results quickly and powerfully: you commit to working through the material in the course for just 30 minutes each day over 5 days, and you will:

  • Uncover what is keeping you feeling stressed out, empty or stuck
  • Identify what your ideal life looks like and move towards it with inspiration and confidence
  • Experience authentic gratitude and a deep connection to your heart no matter what your past experiences – the keys to waking up to your happiest, most successful life!

 What you’ll learn:

Day 1 – Discover Your True Self

  • Understand the 2 stages of life, the reason many of us get stuck in one of them, and why this is making you feel lost, empty or stressed
  • Discover the ONE thing you must be willing to do to get unstuck and turn things around
  • Describe your life as you want it to be, and feel what it feels like so you can be inspired by your vision

Day 2 – Practice Gratitude

  • Learn and experience how to practice gratitude daily so you can achieve your full potential (this is NOT like anything you’ve heard before!)
  • Understand the 3 main modes through which we live our life – and how you can work with them to gain true happiness
  • Have a direct experience of gratitude for something you’ve only thought of as painful in the past and use that experience to reframe and refocus so you can be truly free to move forward

Day 3 – Listen and Act on Your Heart’s Desire

  • Experience a powerful process to help you uncover the blocks that are standing in the way of your success and happiness
  • Understand the ONE exceptionally powerful truth that summarizes ALL the teachings of the top spiritual teachers and spiritual traditions
  • Uncover the 4 things you MUST do to feel satisfied and happy in your life
  • Work with a powerful exercise to become an intimate friend to yourself, identify a small heart-centered, 30-day goal and get yourself into inspired action on it

Day 4 – Distinguish between Your Heart and Your Emotions

  • Discover how to get to the root of what’s stressing you out
  • Learn how to tell the difference between your heart and your emotions so you can feel safe and trust in following your inner voice

Day 5 – Let Your Emotions Be Your Guide

  • Understand why we MUST pay attention to our most intense emotions, and how to use them as a guide
  • Discover how these emotions are most often linked to childhood stories and fears that are running our life, and what you can do to dissolve them
  • Learn how to work with past events from your life, find the truth in the situation, and use them to propel you forward so they can never hold you back again

What you’ll receive:

5 Videos

Dr. Lise gives you her best advice and insights in 5 concise, content-rich videos (of 15 minutes or less each), so you can get the information you need and start working with it immediately. Ideally you’ll work with one video per day over 5 days for the most immersive experience and best results.

Exercises for each strategy

Each video contains 2 or 3 short but powerful exercises to deepen your experience with each strategy, so that you can apply Dr. Lise’s insights to your own life and see results right away. You’ll be prompted when to pause the video and do each exercise, so you’re working right alongside Dr. Lise.


All the exercises are provided in an easy-to-follow workbook that you can refer to again whenever you need them. Type directly into the workbook on your computer, or print it out and do the exercises by hand.

Heart Freedom Meditation (audio link)

Each online video comes with a link to the Heart Freedom Meditation – it’s recommended that you continue doing this quick meditation so you are centered in your heart when you work with the exercises.

YES I’m ready to commit to my success and happiness!

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What do you have to lose? Only your fears, limiting beliefs and old stories that are you holding you back from the amazing life you wish to create.

And you have everything to gain!